Sunday, June 17, 2012

Post 016 - No Arrests Yet

Beautiful night,forest filled with lightning bugs.
Early breakfast at Knight's in Blowing Rock. Very poor food and service. No where to change oil in Blowing Rock. Only one service station and it is closed. Decided to drive on to Asheville.
Stopped at Lincove viaduct for a hike up into the rocks to get a good photo of the highway. It took several hours and some repositioning, but possibly good results.

Stopped in Little Switzerland (MP 335) for lunch. Went to Switzerland Café. I recommend it to all. The food was interesting and great tasting. The place was filled with tourists from all over, most of whom were bikers. A good time was had by all.

Drove up to Mt. Mitchell, the tallest point in the Eastern USA. Higher than Mt. Washington, but not nearly as majestic or rugged.

Cruised to Asheville. No place to change oil, so I bought a quart and drove to campground. Thought I would stay at the North Carolina Arboretum campground, but no signs so I drove on to Mt. Pisgah. It is over 4,000 feet. I snagged the very last campsite.

A six year old boy came over to check me out. By way of introduction he said, "Nobody in my family's been arrested yet."
Evening stayed bright until 9:15.

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