Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post 000 - A Starting Point

What is "The Coulee" and why do these jottings exist?

A coulee is a flow. In geologic terms a coulee is a pathway for water, lava, or glaciers. In human terms, it is a pathway for mind, body, and spirit. The Coulee, is the name of my 2012 motorbike adventure.

Commentary and photographs will be posted to this journal as circumstances allow. The posts are numbered like mileposts along the highway. This is Post 000, a starting point.

Bookmark this journal in your browser. Drop in from time to time, see where the road leads, find out the who's and the what's, and read my account of it all.

The coulee is calling.

1 comment:

  1. Hello John,

    it looks like you are heading out on a wondeful adventure. I hope you find the velocity of the coulee to be just the right speed, at the right times.
    Enjoy your trip.


    Ryan Bigl