Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post 011 - Weak Signal Strong Note

From a weak signal in an absurdly expensive campground. I am in Harpers Ferry, which I believe to be in West Virginia. It could be Virginia, I am turned around. The village of Harpers Ferry is very cool. The campground not so much. It's a small city.

I ran into two people last night who recognized me from last year's trip. In a planet of 7.2 billion people, small world doesn't cover it. They were very excited. It was infectious.

The country farmland in central south Pennsylvania and Maryland has been restorative. The scale is large family farm. We should be able to feed our citizenry for free. John Brown was right.

I plan on staying several days at Big Meadows Campground on the Parkway. I promise to correct my spelling and some of my grammar.

Many nice people on the way: travelers, campers, bikers, waitresses, camp ground rangers, people filling up at gas stations, people sitting on porches, store clerks, all are comrades on the Coulee.

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