Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post 009 - The Journey Begins

Monday, June 4 - 10:40am
56 degrees, Rain

The Coulee begins to flow. South along the Connecticut River Valley, across the Windsor-Cornish Covered Bridge (the longest wooden covered bridge in America) into Vermont. Rain intensifies in the Green Mountains. A respite in Chester. Back roads zigzagging to Route 100 South. Wrong turn takes me to Brattleboro, a lovely town but the wrong side of the state. Up over Route 9 West to Wilmington. Exhausted wet pause for the night.

The bike ran well. The driver was cautious on the wet roads. One problem arose: getting off the bike. Lifting an old and stiff leg over a 30 inch high seat is a challenge. A bigger problem arises by the bike being top-heavy and listing to port on its side kickstand. Thirty minutes into the ride I knocked the bike over when I stopped for a photograph. A - WTHAID - moment arose.

Another incident happened in Brattleboro. The spark plug flooded. My spark plug socket wrenches (that I did not test before leaving) are the wrong size. It took two hours to clear on its own.

Given the minor calamities you'd think I had a bad day, but I did not. The lush vegetation and swirling gray clouds made for a very beautiful time. It's not the kind of experience I want every day, the windchill was cold, but I'm happy for it. In a few days I will be in sunshine and shorts.

The town of Wilmington was ravaged by Huricane Irene as were many towns I passed through in Vermont. The residents here are still shell shocked. Dot's Restaurant, a lovely breakfast place is still standing, but barely. It was literally smashed by debris roaring down the usually quiet stream beside it. Buildings, roads, and lives are being rebuilt. Onward.

Today I shall flow along the Hudson. Stay tuned.

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