Sunday, July 8, 2012

Post 037 - Rock Stars

At the Devil's Tower in Wyoming I was surprised to discover rock climbing. No, not for myself, but by serious rock climbers from all over the world. I have been an armchair mountaineer all my life. Being in the presence of these lithe men and women, watching them wordlessly unpack gear, coil ropes, mentally prepare for what's ahead, seeing their bodies clinging to vertical rock faces, inching upward in the blazing sun, makes me feel I've been transported to another world with another race of people. I am in the presence of true rock stars.

Can you see the climbers?

A detail of the photo above.


  1. Happy belated birthday John. It was good to see your photo in there. After all the heat and travels, you look well & healthy. I especially enjoy the photos. Keep well. Karen

  2. Hi Karen! My best to you and the family. There was a time this past spring I thought I may be your neighbor on Cape Cod, but P-town rejected me! I'm just too straight. :-) I'll keep taking photos as long as I can charge my batteries. All the best. -J

  3. Holy cow! I continue to think that people who climb this kind of geologic feature are out of their minds!Makes for a great photo-op, though. ;-)