Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post 002 - Preparations 1

To prepare for this adventure I needed to free up time. As a single person with no dependents that's easier than most. Nevertheless, one is always entangled in a network of responsibilities and possessions. I left my job after 7.5 dedicated years, packed my possessions into a few boxes which take up about 60 cubic feet (1/2 cord of wood) in a friend's garage, and consigned my 20 year old car to the salvage yard.

Moto Fabini, my semi-trusted steed, is in the mechanic's shop getting a new front tire, transmission parts, and its brakes adjusted. When it's returned to service I will pack my bags, two duffles and two panniers, and be ready to go. A list of traveling items will be provided in a future post.

It would be nice if the weather were in then low 70s when I set out, but I must accept what's given. When the bike is packed and tested, I will depart.


  1. I think the "friend" mentioned in passing deserves mention by name and an expression of deep appreciation.

  2. Thanks Chris & Mary. My deepest thanks. :-)