Friday, June 15, 2012

Post 014 - Blue Ridge Flow

Awoke yesterday to bright sun and clear skies. By the time I packed camp and was ready to go the skies had darkened and the wind picked up. I drove south on the Parkway with my rain suit on. Dark clouds, but no rain. The suit was welcome to combat the wind chill though. A beautiful day of riding to last night's destination, Peaks of Otter Campground. Up early this morning. On the road before 7am. Drove above the clouds in the valleys below then ran into my own cloud above 2,300 feet. Many deer to watch out for as they graze along the road. Most dangerous moment came when a groundhog, the size of a rugby ball ran across the road. I only missed it by two feet.

Now in Roanoke, Virginia for gasoline and breakfast. No perfect diner to be found. Plenty of gas.

Yesterday, I stopped for a maintenance check at the James River Campground. It's the lowest point on the Parkway at 690 feet. The Ranger looked familiar to me. I asked her if she was the Ranger who suggested I sleep in a steel bear-proof food container. She laughed and said, "Yeah! I remember you. You were ridin' a scooter!"

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